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Hello, dear visitors!

My name is Igor Korshunov. On this page of our website I want to tell you about our company. I'm sure, it will be interesting for you.

Today, our company is not only one of the market leaders,but also we are one of the few legal real estate companies operating in real estate in North Cyprus with the largest portfolio. We have a team of conscientious, trustworthy and dedicated staff whose top priority is to ensure our clients satisfaction and benefit.

But it was a long journey to this point ...

Igor Korshunov
The managing director and the owner of the company "Leverage Investments"

Why choose North Cyprus?

Northern Cyprus is a country with well-developed economy and ongoing.

In general, I have found everything I wanted in North Cyprus. In my opinion, very important advantage of this country is first of all its safety and then the low cost of living which is much lower than in Europe. Also as a visa-free country for most of nationalities, traveling to this unknown paradise is very easy.

Residency permission in North Cyprus is very simple. Purchasing any property(no cost limits) , having a bank statement (approximately $ 10,000 for each adult family member) and lack of severe infectious diseases, any person can easily obtain the residence permit of Northern Cyprus.

Average temperature in the winter
340 days of sunshine a year
100% no crime
8 months last beach season
10 тыс
10,000 dollars for each adult family member for the residence permit

How it all began?


Arriving in North Cyprus on October 2003 and trying out several different business fields, as a result, in the spring of 2004 I came to an end in real estate (from this time our company successful history, had been counted)


We started first sales


In 2006 we started our first construction project in North Cyprus.


In 2008, in the process of developing, restructuring and changing the general contractor and investors, Leverage Investments Ltd. was established.


By 2011, we have become the absolute leader of the real estate market and even for a time the largest developer of the Kyrenia. By this time, our company counted about 20 employees in the head office in Cyprus, own office in Moscow and more than 120 partner offices in different countries. Thus the activities and services were significantly expanded (we professionally provided all the services that purchasers might need in north Cyprus, ranging from hotel and car reservation to the arrangement of the properties, landscape design of their gardens, applying for residence permits and registration of their children in schools and universities)

20 employees in head office
120 offices in all around the world

North Cyprus is an international country with many tourists and foreign residences; it is developing every day more and more. We are able to assist any one who wants to be the next residence of this Paradise.

What is Leverage Investments doing today?

  • Until today, we have sold more than 2,200 properties in Northern Cyprus to foreigners.
  • We continue to build our own projects and sell more than 300 different legally verified properties throughout the country.
  • Ayse Sandalli law firm is responsible for the safety and legitimacy of our customers' transactions, and our company officially provides 100% financial guarantees to all transactions we conduct.
  • We still have resale properties from the owners with the best prices and up to 45% discounts
sold properties
legally possesions

Information and certificates

Every year, on our request, our company efficiency is carefully checked by a certification organization from the UK. The quality of our work is approved by the international quality certificate ISO 9001: 2008

Information about us on Chamber of Commerce and Industry website in the section "Real Estate Agencies"

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You can check the authenticity of the certificate and information about our company on the website of the certification company "Global Group"

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Such a brief history of our company!

What can I say? We strive to be the best. And we will be happy to be of service to you. Write, call, our managers are always in touch!

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Set of household appliances
Registration of residence permit (residence permit)
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