Buying an apartment on the beach – reasonable solution for each

Buying a property has always been a profitable investment. For some people, a residence on the seafront is a place for a great holiday, whether it is a big villa or small apartment.

However, no matter who is the buyer of a property or which location, there are many reasons as environment, nature and climate which play an important role in purchasing. Today, the number of people who want to have an apartment on the seafront in North Cyprus is growing significantly. Indeed, it is one of the fastest growing and profitable markets in the entire Mediterranean regions now. In recent years, demand for properties has increased five times more in North Cyprus, the sale of villas on the coast has increased almost twice, the leading experts believed that is not a limit and it is a benefit.

Having a warm climate, friendly people, beautiful surroundings, historic sites, and Mediterranean Sea. in addition a universal golf course, fabulous water sports, and golden beaches, not to mention the pending EU membership and increased foreign investment. Now observe the property values rise up to 20% per annul, and you will see why investment in North Cyprus property is a lot more than just buying a place under the sun. This place offers not only the picturesque landscape, but also affordable housing prices.

The prices of same properties in North Cyprus is about 2-3 times lower than in the South Cyprus(Greek Cyprus), because the economic and political situation has started to change recently, and the real estate market has changed a lot in recent years.


The main advantages of buying an apartment on the seafront in Northern Cyprus are:

  • Moderate Mediterranean climate

  • Great investment opportunities

  • Low crime rate

  • Warm & friendly people

  • Large expat community

  • Many  English speaker

  • Amazing prices

  • Easy access to the sea

  • Favorable environmental conditions

  • Convenient geographic location

  • Historical monuments and architectural attractions

  • Low property tax

To sum up all above, now it is the best time to buy your dream house on the coastline and enjoy your summer by the Mediterranean Sea. North Cyprus is the best place not only for recreation, but also for business and higher education in one of six international universities.

Buying an apartment on the beach – reasonable solution for each
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